Open Source Friday


Your business runs on open source software

Once a week, every week. Take time to invest in the open source software you use and love.

Your business depends on it

Companies need open source software to run effectively.

improve technology

Improve the technology you rely on

Direct participation in open source gives your organization a voice in the software you depend on.

work better

Work better together

Open source development models are at the forefront of software collaboration. Developers who work on open source learn intuitively to improve quality, speed, and transparency at your organization.

reduce overhead

Reduce overhead

Contributing regularly to open source saves money and developer hours by reducing the custom software you need to maintain.

attract talent

Attract and retain talent

Employees that work on open source boost their, and their employer's, reputation.

Open Source Friday in your organization

Improving your developer culture is too important to be left unplanned.

set aside time

Set aside time

Each Friday, encourage your managers, employees, and coworkers to spend at least two hours working on the open source projects your organization already uses.

make habit

Make it a habit

Create clear, internal policies so employees can easily and consistently contribute to open source.

You're in good company


Learn what it means to contribute, and how to find and get started on a new project.


Give your project some love to help others contribute where you need it most.