Open Source Friday

Open Source Friday

Open source is made by people just like you. This Friday, invest a few hours contributing to the software you use and love.

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Contribute on Open Source Friday

Learn to contribute

Learn what it means to contribute, and how to find and get started on a new project.

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Find a project to contribute to

Contributing to open source happens at all levels, across projects and design, documentation, operations and code. You don't need to overthink what exactly your first contribution will be, or how it will look

A project you already use

Start by thinking about the projects you already use or want to use. The projects you'll actively contribute to are the ones you find yourself coming back to.

An issue you can fix

Check out these sites to find a project looking for your help:

A warm welcome

Find a project that has a history and reputation for being welcoming to new contributors in GitHub's great for new contributors showcase.

You're in good company


Your business runs on open source. Learn how to get involved.


Give your project some love to help others contribute where you need it most.