Open Source Friday

best practices

Build software with help from others

Every Friday, give your software project some love and make it easier for others to contribute.

Help people discover your project

Creating a project is only the beginning. Why not spread the word?

reduce workload

Reduce your workload:

Ensure your README file details what your project does, its scope and contribution needs, and how to contribute to leverage your community.

promote work

Promote your work

Consider creating a Twitter account, blog posts and website to help people find and follow your project.

Grow your community

Everybody was new once. Ease someone else's first-time contribution jitters.

document everything

Document everything

GitHub's 2017 Open Source Survey showed incomplete or confusing documentation is the biggest problem for open source users. Ensure you are documenting your processes for how to contribute to your project.

get help

Get help

Look out for promising potential contributors or maintainers to share ownership of your project. Make an effort to welcome first-time contributors in particular.

Improve your workflow

Learn from other maintainers on how to be more effective.

set boundaries

Set boundaries

Decide on what the scope of the project is and set clear boundaries for yourself. Saying no is as important as saying yes.



Bring in the robots to automate as much as possible through tests and other checks to save yourself time.

Get ready for Open Source Friday

Spend time now to save time later.

You're in good company


Your business runs on open source. Learn how to get involved.


Learn what it means to contribute, and how to find and get started on a new project.